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Read some stories of some of your dear guests that decide to write about their experience with Lisbon Riders. We must say thanks to all of them for their kind words and that you will stay in our hearts forever.

Muito Obrigado.

  • The Overseas Escape

    Our EPIC Lisbon Day Trip

    Since returning from Lisbon 3 weeks ago I’ve been absolutely dying to share the images and video you’re about to see. I can’t find the words to articulate just how absolutely WOWED Dan and I were during our day trip from Lisbon to Sintra and the coastal region near Cascais. One thing is for certain, our socks were knocked right off unlike anywhere else we’ve visited during our time in Europe. Having spotted Sintra on Pinterest awhile back, I knew we needed to set aside time for a visit. We joined Lisbon Riders on their day tour of the area including a stop for lunch...

  • The Sunny Side of This

    5 Must Visit Destinations for your Next Roadtrip in Portugal (w/ Lisbon Riders)

    Portugal is a small country filled with big and beautiful surprises. For our last day in Lisbon, Mr. M and I decided to explore the Lisbon’s vicinity a bit. I was obsessing over visiting Sintra. Thankfully, I stumbled across Margo’s post on their epic Lisbon day trip where, much to my excitement, she shared all about her time exploring the Sintra-Cascais region with Lisbon Riders. The minute I finished reading their tour description for the Sintra-Cascais tour...

  • A Simply Free Spirit

    The Best Day Trip From Lisbon

    Lisbon itself is such a fantastic city that it might be easy to overlook the idea of taking a day trip anywhere else while visiting. But if you’ve got a day or two to spare during a trip, Lisbon’s surrounding areas are well worth seeing. From the misty, magical town of Sintra to the stunning Atlantic coastline dotted with little Portuguese fishing villages, there’s no lack of beautiful places to explore in this region of southern Portugal. During my last four-day visit to Lisbon, I spent a lovely day with Lisbon Riders....

  • A Mondo Tuo


    Nuovo giorno e nuova tappa, ci allontaniamo da Lisbona per raggiungere, con Lisbon Riders, Sintra, qui tenetevi pronti che sembrerà entrare nel regno delle favole con castelli fiabeschi che vi lasceranno sbalorditi! Il più conosciuto è il Palacio de la Pena, dettagli lussureggianti, giardini incantevoli, torri e terrazze panoramiche, è qui abbiamo dato via alla serie “principesse per un giorno”!!! Merita una visita anche Quinta da Regaleira, una particolare residenza immersa in un parco permeato di mistero, non vi impressionate se vi capiterà di scoprire nascondigli e labirinti sotterranei....

  • Susan Ryan

    Palácio da Pena (Pena Palace) and Sintra town, Portugal

    Sintra is a short drive from Lisbon, on a mountain where the climate made it the preferred summer escape for royalty. It has more castles and grand homes than the main one we visited, our guide pointed them out to us and gave us some of their history which was enough to make me want to return and spend at least a few days in Sintra. The lush gardens have many walks, and I could also happily wander those for several days...

  • Loved and Wanderlust

    Palácio da Pena (Pena Palace) and Sintra town, Portugal

    To top off an already lovely experience in the city, we joined Lisbon Riders for a day trip to nearby towns of Sintra and Cascais. Yes, not just one, but two interesting settlements neighboring Lisbon. It’s one of the highlights of our whole European adventure, and it’s for a good reason. Our day starts with Nuno meeting us and the rest of the group at Praça da Figueira. With winter coming, the overcast skies are making us a bit worried about the rain. Thankfully, Nuno’s bubbly personality brightened the day...

  • My Big Home Essence

    Pena Castle, Sintra

    Pena Castle, in "Sintra"; a small town about 30 km away from the capital Lisbon. This colourful castle lies on the top of a green hill, surrounded by a fascinating nature that we admired from the castle top. We reached by car to a certain point, then parked the car and completed the road up to the castle on foot enjoying the charming natural scenes and practicing sport at the mean time :D The castle is famous of its lovely colours and architecture that combines both; Moorish (related to Arabs of North Africa, who stayed in Portugal for 400 years) & Portuguese architectural styles...

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