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Fatima (private tour)

We will start off by going to Fatima, which is about 130 km (80 miles) from Lisbon and this will take about 1 and a half hours from the city center.

Fatima, a town visited by 6 million people every year, is where it is said that the Virgin Mary appeared to three children – Lucia (10 years old), Francisco (9 years old) and Jacinta (7 years old) – every single month from May 13th, 1917 until October 13th, 1917. On the last appearance, the Virgin Mary had a prophetic message that would be given to the world by these three shepherd children (‘pastorinhos’) – later on. This is commonly known as the three secrets of Fatima.

Fatima is now one of Catholicism’s major shrines (read more here). At the sanctuary entrance is a segment of the Berlin Wall, a tribute to ‘God’s part' in the fall of communism. Once in Fatima, you will have a brief explanation of what happened there in 1917 and why is the biggest catholic sanctuary in Portugal and one of Catholicism’s major shrines, as well as how you can move around while inside the shrine.

Then is time for you to explore the site by yourself- you can see the chapel, the new (built in 2007) and old basilica (built in 1953), attend a mass, light some candles and do some souvenir shopping. Please note that inside the older basilica, there are the tombs of the three shepherds, Francisco (died 1919, aged 11), Jacinta (died 1920, aged 10), and Lucia (died 2005). It is difficult to believe that a century ago, Fatima was simply pastureland outside of an insignificant village.

After visiting, it is time to enjoy lunch in a very typical local restaurant (lunch price not included). We promise to take you far away from the tourist traps. Here we will taste true Portuguese food and you will learn how crazy we are about good food! You will feel like taking a nap after, which is not a bad idea, but we will be heading to the small village where the three shepherd children were born and lived, and where you can see their old houses. Finally, it is time to go back to Lisbon.

Price (1 to 8 people): €300 (total)

Duration: About 6 hours; start time is at 9am (adjustable to your needs)
Not included: Meals
Advice: It is mandatory to be in a good mood, and please bring comfortable shoes, clothes and sunscreen. Beware of the sun (and we have a lot of sun)! We will use a Lisbon Riders van that has been prepared especially for our tour, which can carry 8 guests and is air-conditioned

Pick up: We will pick you up and drop you off at the place in which you are staying (if it is located in the city center or the Port of Lisbon)