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Evora & Monsaraz (private tour)

From Lisbon, we will head towards Monsaraz, which is one of the best-kept secrets in Portugal. This trip takes about 2 hours, but we will make a stop in the middle of the way to stretch our legs, as well as to enjoy the amazing view of the Alentejo region’s landscape.

After this, it is time to continue our journey to the town of Monsaraz, right next to the Spanish border. It was conquered to the Muslims in the 12th century and worked for many centuries as a fortress to keep the Spaniards away from Portugal. Nowadays, there are just 700 inhabitants, but is a charming walled village with a looming castle at its edge. From here you have the stunning view of Alqueva Dam, the largest artificial lake (around 250 km2) in Western Europe.

It’s now time to go to Evora and enjoy lunch in a very typical local restaurant (lunch price not included). We promise to take you far away from the tourist traps. Here we will taste true Portuguese food and you will learn how crazy we are about good food! You will feel like taking a nap after, which is not a bad idea, but we will be heading to Evora, one of Portugal’s most beautifully preserved medieval towns...

Now it is time to explore the city center of Evora where the Romans arrived in 59 BC. We will enjoy the view of some historical monuments like the town walls, the Bones Chapel, the Cathedral of Evora, the Roman Temple (dating from the 2nd or 3rd century) and the picturesque main square of Evora (Praça do Giraldo). You’ll feel like you are traveling back in time – which is definitely a nice experience! Finally, it is time to go back to Lisbon.


Price (1 to 8 people): €300 (total)

Duration: About 9 hours; start time is at 8:30 am (adjustable to your needs)
Not included: Meals; Bones Chapel (€5 per person); Evora Cathedral (€3.5 per person)
Advice: It is mandatory to be in a good mood, and please bring comfortable shoes, clothes, and sunscreen

Pick up / drop off: We will pick you up and drop you off at the place in which you are staying (if it is located in the city center or the Port of Lisbon)